Types of Connectors

Application Connectors

ConnectorEngine's range of Application Connectors gives you the easiest way to integrate between SaaS platforms and data sources.

Each connector provides you with a range of actions and methods you can use to build your integrations – all through our drag-and-drop integration builder.

Database Connectors

Sometimes you’ll want to add and edit data directly inside a database. With ConnectorEngine’s database connectors you can do just that.

Get data from external sources and update records or full tables, or get data from your tables to push into your applications.

You can define the data structure and work with a wide range of databases, including MySQL, Microsoft SQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL.

Universal Connectors

More often than not our partners use our Library of pre-built Connectors, however sometimes you may want to rapidly connect to a new source.

Universal Connectors are customisable, you can add custom fields and use them in any of your workflows, with any other Connectors in our library.

Utility Connectors

Create even more advanced integrations using our range of Utility Connectors.

Designed to provide enhanced functionality and capabilities, combine Utility Connectors with Application Connectors to open up new data transmission, storage and transformation opportunities that otherwise may not be supported by existing APIs.

Webhook/Event Connectors

Webhooks enable ConnectorEngine to trigger automation workflows and integrations in response to an action that has taken place in an integration’s source application.

ConnectorEngine can be used to just process the incoming packet of data from the webhook, passing and transforming it into any application in our connector library, or to trigger deeper integrations, gathering and placing data from multiple locations and applications.

ConnectorEngine can also automatically set Webhook URLs, so your customers don’t have to set it up. Just install your integration and it’ll all be set.

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