Marketing data is valuable for any business because it indicates how well a campaign has performed, how much engagement an email has received or how many clicks a social media post achieved. 

However, with data in multiple sources and growing it can easily be siloed in these different applications. Not only this but the volume of data makes it somewhat overwhelming and challenging to piece together. As well as measure, analyse and apply it to future marketing strategies and make informed business decisions. 

Why can’t you gain actionable insights from your client’s marketing data?

The issue many marketing agencies and digital services face is high data volume and outdated data models. These can hinder the ability to integrate data across multiple applications and visualise it for clients. 

McKinsey notes that surges in data caused by rapid digital disruption have not ‘provided marketers with a substantially better understanding of their customers, because their companies’ outdated data modelling isn’t able to capture these shifts with the necessary granularity and speed’.

Outdated data models are a massive hindrance for you and your clients. Without modern automated data processes, it can take many hours to manually piece together reports for clients to paint a picture and inform their decisions. Manual data entry presents numerous risks such as human error which could put the integrity of the data at risk. As well as have a domino effect on other data that will negatively affect clients and their decisions. In turn, this will compromise their experience and be expensive in regard to time and resources.

Outdated data models can be overcome by introducing an iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service). An iPaaS will not only introduce marketing automation services and standardisation but also provide advanced analytics and reporting. These will provide actionable marketing insights for clients from their integrated data. 

Building Integrations for Advanced Analytics and Reports

An iPaaS is a powerful platform that can enable your team to create automated workflows on behalf of your clients. Automated workflows can connect a variety of leading marketing systems that hold client data. For instance, integrate data from Google Analytics, hotjar, Google Search Console, Big Query, and HubSpot to understand or paint a picture of how well their website, campaign or social media is performing to influence future advertising, budget or marketing strategies.

A workflow example could connect data from PPC campaigns and Google Analytics and present them visually in a dashboard. Alternatively, the PPC campaigns could inform copy for a new social media campaign or GA data could be used to adjust a website layout to increase conversion rates. 

With this modern data strategy, your digital agency can collect, analyse and report marketing data for clients much faster. As well as present it all in one place for a single voice of truth to help clients understand how successful their efforts are. 

The advanced analytics and reports will help clients to improve their marketing personalisation, create useful and educational content, improve buyer personas and optimisation, as well as improve one marketing channel with data from another. 

Integrated Data equals Actionable Insights

The beauty of an iPaaS is its ability to not only integrate data to gain actionable insights but it can scale quickly. This means it’ll help you to achieve your marketing automation objectives quickly. As well as improve your client’s experience due to the increased speed in analysis, report delivery and accuracy. 

ConnectorEngine is a marketing service iPaaS designed to help marketing services and digital agencies with automation. The platform eases the process of managing, connecting and automating data flows.

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