ConnectorEngine is a Marketing Service iPaaS and is a single ecosystem to manage all client data flows. 

History of ConnectorEngine and Cyclr

ConnectorEngine is the sister brand of and owned by Cyclr, which is a leading embedded integration platform or embedded iPaaS. Cyclr has been delivering integrated solutions to a wide range of partners globally since 2016. 

Over the years Cyclr has been approached by many digital marketing agencies and services. These clients have primarily been attracted to Cyclr because of its multi-tenant and client-segregated structure. As well as its intuitive interface and affordable self-serve model.

In order to better serve the marketing services segment we decided to build a version of Cyclr that would be more appropriate for those clients. As a result, ConnectorEngine was born. 

Our marketing services iPaaS contains features designed for the specific needs of digital marketing services. As well as a corporate positioning/language that is sympathetic to this specific use case.

Marketing Services iPaaS

ConnectorEngine eases the process of managing, connecting and automating data flows on behalf of your clients. It achieves this in a multi-tenanted environment with client-segregated accounts.

As ConnectorEngine is focused on the marketing services and agency sector the application is designed to work with digital and eCommerce agencies. This means the ConnectorEngine will help you, marketing agencies, connect your customer’s marketing and tech stacks. ConnectorEngine is completely white-labelled and customisable with your agency’s branding. As a result, customers will think the integration solutions are native to you.

ConnectorEngine will also provide an extensive library of pre-made connectors. These out-of-the-box connectors are designed to help you create individual client marketing data flows. For instance, Shopify and HubSpot as well as other popular marketing and eCommerce Connectors. This is done to help speed up the onboarding process.

This means your team are able to rapidly create, manage and deliver customer-specific data automation in a standardised format. As a result, you’ll be able to save time, drive revenue and scale.

ConnectorEngine Features

ConnectorEngine features as mentioned above an extensive Connector library with relevant Connector to the marketing, eCommerce and sales market. This enables the creation of individual client marketing data flows.

These individual data flows are created with ConnectorEngine’s visual builder tools. The tools allow users to easily and quickly drag and drop the necessary Connectors into an integration. Then input the necessary requirements in the step fields with no code required.

Once you’ve made some workflows you can copy and paste or rinse and repeat them. This means for popular use cases across you can simply copy and paste the integration you’ve made once, edit if necessary and set it to live. ConnectorEngine has full version control so you don’t need to start from scratch every time.

Benefits of Marketing Services iPaaS 

There are numerous benefits to using our marketing services iPaaS.

Firstly, it provides your agency with a new and additional revenue stream by offering managed service data integrations for your clients. 

This will help your agency stand out from competitors in an ever-changing and crowded market. As a result, you’ll win more opportunities with your market differentiation. 

With integrations, you’ll not only automate your client’s processes saving them time and resources. But you’ll increase their ease of use and customer experience. As a result, this will increase your customer retention. 

The platform has been designed so users do not require a technical background, only knowledge of what data is needed and where it needs to go. Therefore you can build your clients’ integrations in minutes not months with our low-code drag-and-drop builder. With this simplicity, you’ll be able to scale your integration offerings quickly and efficiently. 

Embedded Marketplace

What should you do next?

Chat with a member of the ConnectorEngine team about having a walkthrough of the product.

You’ll receive full onboarding and ongoing support with the necessary training and tools. Our pricing and platform can scale with requirements, resources and infrastructure.

So, get in touch and start simplifying integrations for your clients.

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