ConnectorEngine's Heritage

ConnectorEngine is a sister brand of Cyclr Systems Limited (‘Cyclr’). ConnectorEngine is wholly owned by Cyclr.

Cyclr is the longest standing vendor of Embedded Integration solutions (also known as Embedded iPaaS) and has been providing its’ embedded integration platform to software companies globally since 2016.

Over the years Cyclr has been proactively approached by many digital marketing services companies. These clients have been attracted by the multi-tenanted, client segregated, account structure of Cyclr as well as its’ intuitive interface and affordable self-serve model. 

In order to better address this market segment Cyclr determined that a focussed version of Cyclr would be more appropriate.

ConnectorEngine contains a feature set designed for the specific needs of digital marketing services and a corporate positioning/language that is sympathetic to this specific use-case.

By becoming a client of ConnectorEngine you benefit from not only a focussed product, designed to meet your needs, but also the full knowledge, insight, experience and history of Cyclr Systems Limited and its’ team.

Our Values


We actively promote health and wellbeing and the importance of life outside work.


We listen to our partners and put them at the heart of the decisions we make as a company.


We work with honesty and transparency to deliver a product that we can be truly proud of.


We are proactive and ambitious in developing our skills and growing the organisation.

Meet the Cyclr and ConnectorEngine Team

Stuart Aird


Clare Armiger

Customer Success

Ben Ashing


Doug Broun

Enterprise Executive

Hayley Brown

Content Manager

Cameron Carlin

Solutions Architect

Ben Crum

Senior Solutions Architect

Matt Daniels

Head of Outbounding

Pawan Gurung

Sales Rep

Breda Hennessy

Customer Success

Tariq Khawaja


Travis King

Sales Manager

Luke Knight

Commercial Marketing

Jordan Koroknai

UX/UI Designer

Fran Leyland

Legal & Operations

Daniel Longworth

Technical Architect

Sophia Manalo

QA Engineer

John Owen

QA Lead

Sarah Palombo

Customer Support

Steven Pinto


Joe Poole

DevOps Lead

Sara Richardson

Financial Controller

Ian Rimmer

Connector Team Lead

Francesca Rowe

Customer Success

Ed Rudd

Non-Executive Director

Colin Smith


Jack Taylor

Solution Architect

Daniel Twigg

Product Marketing

Craig Veevers

Support Consultant

Patrick Ward


Erin Williams

Documentation Executive

Adrian Wright


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