This Service Level Agreement (the ‘SLA’) is applicable to all Customers with a valid Subscription to a Small Engine and/or a  Medium Engine (the ‘Plan Subscription’) under this Agreement.

This SLA applies for new Customers of a Plan Subscription, from 20th January 2022. 

Plan Subscriptions are provided with a 99.9% uptime SLA (the ‘Availability Commitment’) as measured by the Web Application Availability as monitored at (the ‘WAA’). Availability for Availability Commitment purposes will be measured in relation to WAA in a specific calendar month.

Achievement of the Availability Commitment is measured by dividing the number of minutes of uptime as measured by the WAA in the calendar month by the total number of minutes in the calendar month, and expressing this as a percentage.

Plan Subscriptions will be hosted in one of the Supplier’s dedicated Hosting Service environments. The Supplier currently offers Hosting Services in the UK, EU, USA and APAC, and the Availability Commitment only applies to the Hosting Services environment in which the Customer’s Plan Subscription is directly hosted.

Any impact on WAA caused by any of the following is specifically excluded from the calculation of the Availability Commitment:


  • planned downtime for Application maintenance purposes that has been communicated no less than 5 working days in advance (communication is within the Application messaging board);
    • force majeure incidents; and
    • any issues related to the availability, or unavailability, of third party applications or APIs.


Where in any calendar month the Availability Commitment is not met (i.e. it is, subject to Clause 6 of this SLA, less than 99.9%) and the Customer submits a validated claim by ticket to the Supplier’s Support Team within 30 days of the end of the affected calendar month, then the Supplier will provide a credit equivalent to 5% of the value of the Customer’s Plan Subscription for the calendar month in question (the ‘Credit’). Credits will not be applied against any charges for excess Task usage or one-off charges as may be agreed between the Customer and Supplier from time to time. The Credit will, and can only, be applied to the Customer’s next invoice.

In order to qualify for the Credit the Customer’s Plan Subscription must be:

  • fully paid and up to date; and
  • not subject to a cancellation or termination notice.

Credits will be applied in the currency applicable to the Customer’s Plan Subscription and may only be applied against the Customer’s Plan Subscription. The Credit represents the Supplier’s sole and exclusive remedy in regards to the Availability Commitment.