iPaaS solutions are shaping automation, data integration and analytic processes in modern computing and more specifically marketing. 

What is iPaaS?

An iPaaS is an integration platform that connects different SaaS and cloud applications together so they are accessible from one place. Gartner defines iPaaS as “a suite of cloud services enabling development, execution and governance of integration flows connecting any combination of on-premises and cloud-based processes, services, applications and data within individual or across multiple organisations.”

In other words, a single ecosystem that manages all client data. This means marketing and digital service providers can meet their growing need for sophisticated data integration without putting any strain on their IT departments and infrastructure. 

Why would you use an iPaaS for Marketing Services? 

An iPaaS platform is a useful tool in regard to marketing services and marketing automation as they enable integrations with real-time data.

They present many other benefits as well:

  • Save time
    • An iPaaS solution provides users with a suite of powerful tools that enable the creation of automated workflows. This means you’ll be able to build your clients’ automated workflows in minutes not months with low-code drag-and-drop tools.
  • Drive revenue
    • Using integrations for marketing services can increase your revenue potential by offering managed service data integrations for common use cases your clients have. For example, lead management and customer communications. 
  • Scale
    • Pre-built Connectors mean you have what you need to hand to build individual client marketing data flows and then scale your marketing service integrations quickly.
  • Security and Compliance
    • Data security and compliance are vitally important for clients and many iPaaS solutions are highly secure and tend to be GDPR and SOC II compliant, giving you and your clients peace of mind.
  • Increase efficiency
    • With a multi-tenanted environment, accounts can be segregated for your clients in a single instance of the software and supporting infrastructure. As a result, improving your efficiency and keeping clients’ data isolated from other tenants and ensuring proper data management.

Potential Use Cases

There is a multitude of possibilities and use cases when using an iPaaS here are some standard marketing services examples. 

Lead Management Automation 

One popular digital service use case is to minimise admin tasks when receiving new sales leads. For instance, a data workflow can automatically add leads to your client’s CRM or any tool they’d prefer which means they can focus on other strategic work.

As well as adding leads workflows can be set up to automatically move leads through the sales steps based on actions taken in the funnel. This process can ensure quick follow-up times and increase your client’s chance of a sale. 

With automated lead entry and updates, there are no longer manual data errors. This means clients will spend less time validating information and more time acting on it. In other words, with automated data input, their confidence in the data has increased. 

They can then maximise conversion metrics for every lead, and deliver insights to the sales team with enhanced lead enrichment and accurate lead-to-account management.

Customer Communication

Another way to effectively use an iPaaS for marketing services is for a client’s communication marketing. Automated workflows can help create effective communications and connect clients with their customers in less time by automatically sending messages across all channels. 

Then steps in the workflow can be customised to add up-to-date and tailored messaging fast. As a result, clients can drive personalisation at scale and streamline their communication flow.

Data and Analytics 

Our final use case example is how an iPaaS can help move your digital service data forward and consistently maintain accurate data and analytics. With integrated data workflows all your client’s data is in one place. As a result, a marketing team can create weekly, monthly and quarterly comprehensive reports to help make informed decisions faster. 

This helps them save time, stay organised and accurately track marketing efforts, and campaign performance. This activity can be pushed to the client’s relevant dashboards and accessed by the right teams for analysis. 

Choosing an iPaaS solution for your Marketing Services

It is important to choose the right iPaaS solution based on your organisation’s needs. For instance, a marketing service iPaaS needs to ease the process of managing, connecting and automating data flows on behalf of your clients.

ConnectorEngine empowers your team to rapidly create, manage and deliver customer-specific data automation in a standardised format. A solution that will help you save time, drive revenue and scale.

Let’s have a chat about your needs and start simplifying your automation for digital services.

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