Marketing is a thriving sector thanks to digital technologies. Marketing services are a 475 billion U.S. dollars strong industry, showing positive growth all through the 2010s.

Marketing automation has been increasing in popularity and usage across agencies and teams. Especially on digital platforms where users are now served with increasingly personalised ads. 

Not only is automation helpful for advertising, personalisation and social media but building integrations. These will automate your digital agency’s internal processes as well as customer processes which will be a huge time saver. As well as give you a competitive edge in the crowded marketing services market. 

Automate client processes for enhanced Marketing Services

An iPaaS can help your digital agency design, build and deploy powerful integrations to help your client’s business processes. 

For instance, building integrations between their marketing and sales platforms. This will ensure important messaging reaches the right contacts, leads are followed up and upsell/cross-sell opportunities are recognised.

Sales and Marketing

In this case, we’ll be looking at how you can integrate marketing tools with email applications. These will automate and streamline business processes. So, a sales and marketing integration could look something like this. 

  • A new lead is generated from a pay-per-click campaign, and the lead is added to your CRM and marketing contacts. Based on these events a Slack DM will notify the sales team of a new lead to email. Alternatively, a sales email could be triggered after the contact has been added. 

Website and Marketing

As well as automating the marketing and sales process you’ll be able to build integrations that automate website analytic data and contact form submissions. As a result, you’ll be able to send personalised emails to users, contacts and subscribers. This could look something like this.

  • A contact form submission can trigger an integration workflow to add the subscriber’s details to the mailing list. With the new contact added they would then receive a ‘Welcome’ campaign email, followed by the monthly blog/newsletter.

Analytics and Marketing

One way to further understand how customers are interacting with your clients is to build an integration that encapsulates all marketing data. From email marketing, website analytics, advertising campaigns and social media data. it can then be transformed into a single-view dashboard. This will help with reporting and future decision-making. This would be a complex integration and could look something like this.

  • When an email campaign is sent retrieve candidates from Google Analytics since the last run. Then combine them with CRM data. This will provide a broader insight into who the contact is and email open rates. As well as insightful click data indicating what their customers and/or users are interacting with.

If you are looking for more information about automating your marketing services get in touch with ConnectorEngine. We’ll walk you through our platform and demonstrate how integrations can enhance your marketing services.

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